Why do I coach? Because doing well at anything is hard, really hard, brutally hard! Why cycling? Because like anything, peak performance at all levels is tough and the higher you go the tougher it gets! So while I have developed a huge understanding of the history, rules, physiology, psychology, biomechanics and even, urrgghh, the sociology of cycling, the biggest motivation for me is learning. Helping people to learn all of the above! Anna Meares, Brad Wiggins or Chris Froome all had to learn to race how they do. Learning and helping people to do it is why I am in this game!


Why do people engage me as a coach? Main reason is that I take personal pride in helping people learn what they can do, helping them to appreciate what they want to do, and helping them to learn to make progress they can see, measure and feel on a daily basis!  

The 3 Prong Attack

1. A passion for Cycling

I have been a cyclist since 1984 competing on road, track and mountain bike. I must confess I have zero talent or according to power comparison charts C grade talent at best. Despite this I have two Regional Titles to my credit, represented Canterbury (back when teams were selected) on both road and track as a U17, U19 and Elite (no U23 back then). I also won 6 A grade races. While genetics limited me it was my knees that gave up the ghost and I started coaching in 1991. From here I have worked with a variety of riders from recreational and beginner to Professional and Olympians and across all disciplines from Track Sprint, Track Enduro, Road, Time Trial, Stage Race, Criterium, Cross Country, Downhill, Enduro and BMX. 

The tally so far is 6 UCI Masters World Champions and Podiums at both Elite and Junior World Championships, 11 Oceania Titles, 70 National Titles and countless Regional Titles. All of these involved a lot of hard work for both me and the riders. Nothing important comes easily but those riders with a dream and willingness to go above and beyond are usually rewarded with success!

This passion for cycling and working with High Performing riders has given me a great understanding of all aspects of cycle sport and this is the what drives me as a coach.

2. An excellent understanding of the preparation process. 

With an excellent understanding of cyclists and cycling events it is my role to use the best training and coaching methods to bring the best out of every rider. This starts with tapping into the competitive drive of each potential champion to establish how they want to make their mark in cycling. From here we incorporate the best training methods available. Not always the newest. I am as huge fan of Kiwi Coaching Icon Arthur Lydiard who revolution running in the 1950s as I am of Sport Science gurus like Dr Andy Coggan or Dr Asker Jeukendrup who have turned training science and nutritional science on it's head.

The key to this is close monitoring of the training load to ensure that progress is being made, it is in the right direction and the rider is not digging a hole by training too much or too hard. This is where racing and training with a Power Meter becomes essential. Not for U15s - U19s as they have much to learn before getting this technical. When riders have to prepare for U23, Elite and Masters level racing the workloads can be very high and racing demands quite excessive the management of fitness, fatigue, form and stress becomes crucial.

This is where we employ the latest in training monitoring tools like the Performance Manager in Training Peaks and keeping a constant check on the rider combined with regular communication.

3. Evidence based coaching

The human body is complex, the demands of cycling are complex and there are many ways to approach the performance equation. What is best? Coach Ferg has an extensive background in sport science starting with a Psychology Degree in 1995, a Diploma in Sport Studies in 1998, A Post Graduate Diploma in Sports and Exercise Medicine in 2010 and 2015 a Masters of Philosophy conducting research on the use of Power Meters to monitor the training process. 

This extensive background and collaboration with experts in the area of Physiology, Nutrition, Biomechanics, Performance Analysis, Psychology, Motor Learning, Coaching and Management has given me the science skills to sort through the volume of information available to choose the best methods to apply to the performance cycling process.


To me every ride is a challenge and a test with varying objectives. One day it might be to ride further than you ever have and the next to try and break a power PB. Every race is a test of your commitment and my Philosophy is ALWAYS RACE TO WIN! If you don't start wanting to do this, then don't start.

This approach to training and racing also takes into account that goals change, plans change, stuff happens and we all respond differently to riding so it is very rare that your programme will be any longer than 4 weeks in advance. This is because I am coach working on you being awesome NOW not some psychic trying to predict the future. 


·        Started coaching in 1991

.        Masters Degree (2015)
         -Research project on racing and training with a power meter

·        Post Graduate Diploma of Sports and Exercise Medicine (2010)

·        Bachelor of Arts Degree: Psychology Major (1995)

·        Diploma of Sports Studies (1998)

·        ACF Level 2 Cycling Coach (road, track and MTB, 1997)

.        FIAC Diploma of Cycle Trainer (1993)

·        Coached riders to 6 UCI World Titles

.        Coached riders to 16 UCI World Medals (6G, 7S, 4B)

·        Coached a rider to Elite World Championship Bronze Medal

.        Coached a rider to Commonwealth Games Silver and Bronze Medals

.        Coached riders to three Junior World Champs Silver and three Bronze Medals

·        Coached riders to 11 Oceania Titles

·        Coached riders to 70 National Championship Titles 

.        Coached riders to 12 National Records

.        Coached riders to victory in UCI Stage Races

.        Coached a rider to victory in Australian NRS Stage Race and Single Day Event

.        Coached riders to the start line at... 

         -2 Olympic Games 

         -World Road Cycling Championships
         -World Track Cycling Championships
         -World MTB Championships 
         -Commonwealth Games 
         -Junior World Road Cycling Championships 
         -Junior World Track Championships
         -Junior World MTB Championships
         -Oceania Road and Track Championships

·        4 x NZ Cycling Coach

·        2011 Bike NZ Road and Track Coach of the Year

.        2009 Bike NZ Road and Track Personal Coach of the Year

·        National Junior Selector 2009-2010

.        Commissaire at 2012 Junior World Track Cycling Championships

.        Commissaire at 2015 Cambridge World Track Cycling Cup

.        Cycling NZ Coach Educator

.        2015 SportNZ Performance Coach Advance Graduate (3 year programme)


I adopt a different approach to coaching rather than mapping out and itemising each day, month or years in advance. I expect you want to realise your cycling dreams now and each day will want to achieve something special on the bike rather than months or years away. 

All training programmes are delivered using TrainingPeaks online software. Your programme will be available online and you will receive a daily email. TrainingPeaks also allows you to download training files and write reports on each session. 


Contact Hamish…

Mobile:  64 27 221 1533


Skype: hamish.ferguson

Ferg loves the pain himself!

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